• Frontend: AngularJS, Angular 2+, VueJS, NuxtJS, React, EmberJS, TailwindCSS, SASS, Bootstrap, Backbone
  • Backend: NestJS, ExpressJS, NodeJS, PHP, MongoDB, MySQL
  • Video games: Unity3D, WebGL, ThreeJS

Work Experience

  • Frontend Engineer at Qonto
    2021 October - Current position

    Development of the frontend side of the core application of a banking business.

    Core technologies: EmberJS.

  • Software Engineer at Solera Inc.
    2021 January - 2021 September

    Leading the development of frontend applications

    Core technologies: React.

  • Software Engineer at Pod Group
    2019 September - 2020 December

    Full stack design and implementation of new features in several projects.
    Involved in the implementation of agile methodologies to improve the quality and efficiency of the development.

    Core technologies: Angular 2+, Typescript, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Restify.

  • Frontend Lead at Easy Payment Gateway
    2018 July - 2019 July

    Leading a back office app development in an agile team.

    Core technologies: Angular 2+, Typescript, Material Design.

  • Frontend Developer at Realcom Code
    2015 January - 2018 July

    Development of a few frontend applications, all related to home and car insurance in Canada.

    Core technologies: AngularJS, Angular 2+, Webpack, ES6, Backbone, Coffeescript, Bootstrap, LESS, SASS.

  • Game Designer and Developer at Corta Studios and Arcadict
    2013 August - 2015 January

    Design and development of video games with Unity3D, and soundtrack composition and arrangement.

    Core technologies: Unity3D.

  • Cofounder and Software Engineer at Kometasoft
    2012 September - 2013 August

    Software consulting, engineering and development. Mainly web sites, mobile apps and e-commerce shops.

    Core technologies: PHP, MySQL, Android SDK, Javascript, jQuery, Magento.

  • Software Engineer at Football Radar
    2010 September - 2012 September

    Full stack development in an agile, dynamic team. Web applications and services oriented to develop football statistics and models.

    Core technologies: PHP, Ruby, HTML, CSS, Javascript.