The game

Maxxima is a shoot’em up action title with purely 2D gameplay, where the player will run through various galactic scenes and face a multitude of enemies as the story develops. Through its ten stages, the user takes control of a pilot onboard a spaceship fighting against invading forces from another planet. Up to three more players will be able to join the mission.

Maxxima means the return of the classic arcade genre. It takes the most unique and beloved elements by its wide fan-base, while at the same time adding new shades and features from current generation games (high definition graphics, narrative-guided gameplay, new ways of multiplayer cooperation). Maxxima mixes it altogether to create a new original concept.

Where are we?

We participated in the Sony Play Station Award and were selected to the finals at the Madrid Games Week 2014 with Maxxima.

We are developing this game under the Arcadict seal. We expect to release the first stage soon.